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Cem’In’Eu is an industrial start-up that develops a new cement production and marketing concept in Europe, with an innovative and flexible approach to the business, with strong breakthroughs in supply, logistics, production and sale of cement.

Cem'In'Eu has launched seven identical projects in France and Europe, with a targeted market share of between 6% and 8% of local markets.


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Built on a property in Tonneins (Lot et Garonne) and connected to the rail network by a private branch, Aliénor Ciments will serve the markets of the Greater Southwest: New Aquitaine and Occitania

Contact bureau administratif : 05 64 37 12 45

Contact commercial : Damien GUARI au 06 45 89 06 88(www.alienorciments.fr) alienorciments

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 Located in the river port of Chalon-sur-Saône (Saône et Loire) with direct rail access, the site of Ciments de la Saône et du Rhône (Cimsaro) will supply the market of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Nord, Burgundy-Franche -Comté and French speaking Switzerland. Cimsaro has already obtained the necessary construction permits and in November 2017 received its environmental licence ("ICPE") from the French Administration.
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Located on a rail connected site at the Port of Ottmarsheim on the Rhein river, Ciments des Trois Frontières (C3F) will supply customers in Alsace, Southern Germany (Baden-Wurttemburg) and German speaking Switzerland. C3F has successfully secured a favourable report following a Public Enquiry. It expects to receive the environmental licence (“ICPE”) early in 2018, having already obtained a construction permit for the plant. 
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Located on a fully owned property connected to the rail network by a private branch in Montreuil-Bellay (Maine et Loire), Val de Loire Ciments is perfectly situated at the centre of the growth markets of Western France.
Val de Loire is working with all local stakeholders and will apply for the construction and environmental permits in early 2018.

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Located in the Industrial Zone of La Motte, close to the river port of Portes-lès-Valence (Drôme) with direct rail access , the site of Rhône Ciments will supply the market of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Sud, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and Occitanie

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Located on the mineral bulk terminal of the Port of Sète, Cem'In'Log will receive clinker and gypsum boats in its terminal that can store up to 60,000 tons of products. The raw materials will then be containerized and sent to the various French production units by river barges or complete trains.

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Situated in the deep-sea Port of Gdynia, very close to the bulk terminal, Pomorski Cement will serve the customers of the growth region of Pomerania and Northern Poland.
The process of construction permit and environmental licence is well advanced and we expect to obtain all relevant permits during the first half of 2018.

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We are at an advanced stage to secure a position to serve the customers of Greater London area and South East England.

Each plant requires an investment of around 20 million euros.

All our cement grinding mills are designed on an identical model and adapted to each topographic and geographical configuration :

Reduced Landholding

They occupy only 2 to 3 hectares


They are modular, removable and built entirely above ground using simplified civil engineering principles

Production capacity

At full capacity, and depending on the product mix, they produce between 220 and 250,000 tonnes of cement per year


They are supplied with bulk raw materials (clinker and gypsum) using sustainable logistics: sea-borne imports and then river and/or rail transportation from the seaport to the inland sites


They benefit from the latest available technologies in terms of Safety, Environmental Protection (noise and dust) and Quality of cements produced. All the equipment used in our factories is manufactured in the European Union


They are designed by the best manufacturers in the industry to ensure the highest quality cement qualities


The process is completely dry and carried out at ambient temperatures. Therefore it does not consume water or emit gases associated with combustion



The aims of the World Cement Association are to represent and promote the cement industry worldwide, as well as the commercial and legal interest of its members to international and national institutions and organizations. The World Cement Association thus contributes to the dissemination of the best technical, scientific and environmental practices, as well as to promote fair competition, integrity and good faith within the Cement and Clinker Industry.




Discover the innovative and professional approach being used by Cem’In’Eu in this short video.



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The architectural approach of the modules allows an innovative industrial aesthetic in harmony with the environment, whether semi-urban, rural or industrial.

Thanks to the containerization of the raw materials and to fully closed storage and production buildings, it integrates itself very well within the Neighbourhood.

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All the production process is equipped with the most efficient filters that reduce dust emission well below the regulatory limits of 50mg/Nm3.

Sound insulation has been designed with the most advanced techniques and are compliant with the most stringent regulations..

Both the sound and dust emissions will be monitored and reported to the local community.

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These last two points will be monitored regularly.

Each site will lead to the creation of around thirty direct jobs (production, quality control, administration, sales, maintenance, etc.).

Cement transportation by truck to our customers will be subcontracted to local specialized companies.

In conjunction with administrations and local actors, we are implementing an adapted action plan for the protection of the environment and biodiversity.


Vincent lefebvre

Founder President



fabien charbonnel

General Manager

sébastien didier-laurent

Technical Director

Didier lemée

Administrative and Financial Director

yasmina pilet

Quality Security Environment Director


Commercial Director

Audrey bonnet

Director of our Aliénor Ciments subsidiary

Philippe cheron

Operation Director

jocelyne touchais

Accounting and Administrative Manager

thibaut hans

Information System Manager

magali bienassis