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The Cement


Cement is an essential raw material for the construction sector.

It is a fine powder that sets and hardens after a few hours when mixed with water.

The cement is mainly used to produce concrete and mortar after mixing it with aggregates (sand and / or gravel) and water.

In Europe, the production and marketing of cements is governed by a harmonized standard (EN 197).

In France, this standard is completed by a voluntary NF marking (delivered by AFNOR), which is an additional guarantee of quality for customers.

The cement results from a fine and homogeneous grinding of several mineral raw materials :

• The main one is clinker, which results from the burning in a kiln at 1450 ° of a mixture of mineral raw materials (mainly limestone and clay). Cem'In'Eu does not produce clinker but buys it in Europe and around the Mediterranean.

• Calcium sulphate (gypsum) is added and is used to regulate the setting of cement.

• Cem'In'Eu will also add ground limestone for specific grades of cement so as to meet with customer needs and to reduce the C02 emissions associated with the production of clinker.

The various qualities of cement in our product range will be marketed either in bulk or in separate bags, in order to adapt to the different processing methods of our customers (construction and civil engineering companies, road companies, masons, farmers, producers of ready-mix concrete, pre-fabricated concrete products, mortar, etc. ).

The Products of Alienor Cements             



Nous produisons 4 ciments : CEM I 52.5 R, CEM II / A-LL 42.5 N, CEM II / A-LL 42.5 R et CEM II / B-LL 32.5 R qui sont tous CE et NF.

These cements are especially adapted to our BPE (ready-mixed concrete) and Prefabricated (pre-cast concrete) customers. 


Notre gamme comporte 2 ciments :

  • FACILICIM, ciment NF


Ces ciments sont ensachés dans un sac en polyéthylène, soudé et parfaitement étanche.

This technology, completely new to France, allows for outside storage in all weathers and completely avoids losses on the building sites.

The bag, once empty, is recyclable using traditional construction channels.

Le sac « FACILICIM » contient un ciment CEM II / B-LL 32.5 R et bénéficie de la marque NF. En conditionnement 35 kg, il est disponible par palette de 28 sacs (0.98 tonne) ou 42 sacs (1.47 tonnes).


The EUROPEAN CEMENT is available and packaged either of cement quality CEM II / B-LL 32.5 R in a 35kg bag or of cement quality CEM I 52.5 R a 30kg bag. For CEM II / B-LL 32.5 R cement we offer the choice either of a standard pallet of 42 bags (1.47 tonnes) or a reduced size pallet of 28 bags (980 kg).

Since February 2019, CEM II / B-LL 32.5 R cement is also available in a smaller quantity of 20kg and equipped with a carrying handle allowing for much easier handling.

Lastly, using our CEM’IN’APP application you may place your order for cement directly using your mobile phone.


SAC Le Ciment Européen

Vidéo de présentation de notre Sac "Le Ciment Européen"