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4 May 2022

Cem’In’Eu support the CBAM and the EU ETS revision !

In this joint letter, some 30 NGOs and green manufacturers urge MEPs to vote to end free pollution permits under the EU’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) and to use the extra revenue raised to finance more ambitious climate action. The signatories also demand more ambitious emissions reductions targets and the tightening of industrial benchmarks.


Open letter to ENVI MEPs

19 April 2022

Welcome to  Thomas LEYRE,  our new CFO

20 January 2022
13 January 2022

New appointment at Aliénor Ciments – Lucile Chiari as the head of the laboratory

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4 May 2022

Open Letter for ENVI MEPs

7 February 2022

Press Release / Cem’In’EU expansion in Sète (in french)

7 October 2021

Press Release / Judgement Lafarge Holcim vs Cem’In’Eu

7 October 2021

Detailed document – Judgement Lafarge Holcim vs Cem’In’Eu (in french)

26 July 2021

Job offer / Production operator

1 October 2020

Position Paper on CBAM

20 May 2020

Press Release / New 25Kg Bags

7 February 2020

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