The various qualities of cement in our product range are sold either in bulk or in separate bags, in order to adapt to the different processing methods of our customers: Construction materials merchants, construction and civil engineering companies, road construction companies, , producers of ready-mix concrete, pre-fabricated concrete products, mortar, …

Range of products IN LOOSE FORM

Aliénor Ciments produces 4 types of cement 
which are all labelled CE and NF:

  • CEM I 52.5 R
  • CEM II / A-LL 42.5 N
  • CEM II / A-LL 42.5 R
  • CEM II / B-LL 32.5 R

These types of cement are perfectly adapted to our customers 
for ready-mix concrete and pre-fabricated concrete products.

Range of products IN BAGS

The range of products in bags is composed of 2 types of cement :

FACILICIM – NF labelled Cement
  • CEM II / B-LL 32.5 R 35kg bag
  • CEM II / B-LL 32.5 R 35kg bag
  • CEM II / B-LL 32.5 R 20kg bag with handle
  • CEM I 52.5 R 30kg bag


The CIMENT EUROPÉEN (EUROPEAN CEMENT) cement is available in 35 kg bags of CEM II / B-LL 32.5 R quality, or in 30 kg bags of CEM I 52.5 R quality. For the CEM II / B-LL 32.5 R cement, we offer the choice of a classic palette of 42 bags (1.47 metric tons) and also a reduced size palette of 28 bags (980 kgs).

Since February 2019, the CEM II / B-LL 32.5 R cement is also available in a reduced size of 20 kgs and equipped with a carrying handle, allowing for much easier handling.


The “FACILICIM” bag contains CEM II / B-LL 32.5 R cement and benefits from the French standards NF marking.

In 35 kg bags, it is available on a palette of 28 bags (0.98 tons) or 42 bags (1.47 metric tons).


Our cements are bagged in sealed, completely water-tight polyethylene bags.

This technology, completely new to France, allows for outside storage in all weathers and completely avoids losses on the building sites.

Once empty, the bag is recyclable via traditional construction channels.