18 Celebrities Who Struggled With Drug Addiction

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His masseuse found Ledger unresponsive; she first called his close friend, Mary-Kate Olsen, and then called 911, according to reports. Autopsy results showed several different prescription drugs in his system, per The Guardian. Since then, she https://trading-market.org/read-about-the-5-habits-of-long-term-sobriety-a/ has found a substance-free lifestyle, enjoying success as an actress, talk show host, and producer. Whether they make us laugh or amaze us with their remarkable talent, we look up to these stars and sometimes envy them for their success.

celebrities who lost it all to drugs

“Now and Then” has endured as an iconic coming-of-age flick, even decades after we first met the girl gang of Samantha, Teeny, Roberta, and Chrissy in 1995. The endearing character of Chrissy, played by Ashleigh Aston Moore, immediately became an audience favorite, as did the actor herself. Williams’ sudden death was mourned by “The Flash” star Grant Gustin, who posted an emotional tribute on Instagram. CBC reported that Williams’ mother demanded a probe into his death, raising questions about drug use on the group home premises. He was one of the original seven from NBC’s sketch comedy “Saturday Night Live,” gaining success with his friend and frequent collaborator Dan Aykroyd.

Rehab Programs

Unfortunately, many acting icons were lost painfully young to this affliction. At Rosglas Recovery, we have specialized dual diagnosis therapy programs with an integrated approach to treat both conditions simultaneously. As many celebrities in recovery and successful people who have overcome drug addiction will tell you, getting treatment for both disorders is critical to lasting recovery.

  • “You would never dream she’d had a problem with the drugs,” Oprah told the audience and reporters who followed up on the story that her substance abuse was brought on during involvement with a man in her life.
  • Although the actor admitted to “not being comfortable enough in who I was to remain sober”, since then, he’s spent a lot of time focusing on his wellness to stay off the booze.
  • In fact, the world’s Iron Man first tried drugs at the age of six, due to his father’s addictions.
  • So, celebrities who struggle with depression are more likely to be women.

After receiving a prescription for painkillers, he eventually became dependent on them. In 2012, he checked himself into the Betty Ford Center, where he describes being ‘ripped apart’ by rehab and realizing how his choices affected his addiction. Unfortunately, Joplin’s illustrious career was continually plagued by her battles with drug addiction. In 1970, at the age of 27, she became another 11 Powerful Recovery and Sobriety Memoirs to Inspire You member of the notorious ’27 Club,’ dying from a fatal heroin overdose. British songstress Amy Winehouse, known for her soulful voice and unique style, left us all too soon in 2011 due to alcohol poisoning. Her public battles with addiction were almost as famous as her chart-topping songs, painting a poignant picture of the struggle many endure when grappling with substance abuse.

Am I Addicted to Prescription medication?

It’s easier to “fit in” and enjoy social situations when you’re drinking. Speaking of celebs who died from overdose, Ike Turner makes an interesting case as, unlike most, he died at the age of 76. Ironically enough, by killing it as the character of Gator Purify, Jackson killed his addiction. After being sober for eight years, Moore relapsed at a party in Rumer and suffered a seizure.

celebrities who lost it all to drugs

He collapsed outside of a nightclub in Hollywood and was pronounced dead shortly after. The cause of death was combined drug intoxication, specifically a lethal combination of cocaine and heroin. In his memoir, Spare, Harry extensively elaborates on how he used recreational drugs to cope with mental health issues and trauma. Moreover, he even disclosed this information in his visa application which may put his residency in California under questioning.

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